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What are Solar PV Panels ?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are made up using photovoltaic cells that capture solar radiation (energy) from the sun and convert it into electricity. The solar panels Belfast don’t need direct sunlight to generate electricity as they react to visible light therefore allowing them to work even on cloudy days.

Where can it be installed ?

Solar panels can be installed either on the roof or in the ground. Solar pv panels can be installed in a residential, commercial or industrial premises. These can be single phase or 3 phase installations.

Although before pv panels are installed several things must be considered ie the structural capability of the existing roof covering and primary structure.

Solar Panels Install Belfast

Benefits of Solar Panels Belfast ?

Solar energy can be used in the home or it can be fed back onto the national grid when not in use. The energy can also be stored in batteries.

Solar PV power lower energy bills and reduce pollution. Over time it pays for itself and limits the high electricity bills produced by energy companies.

A 4kw solar panel system if installed by a certified installer can generate 2850kwh with potential savings of £900 a year. (Federation of Master builders)