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What is Battery Storage ?

Batteries are an energy storage technology that release energy on demand. Battery Storage Belfast allow electricity to be stored during times of low demand and released (or dispatched) at times of peak demand. This means that they can be charged at night at off peak times and used during the day at high peak times saving a substantial amount of money in energy costs.

Batteries are particularly valuable because they provide flexibility. They can respond faster than other energy storage or generation technologies. Help maintain grid stability by turning on and off in fractions of a second.

Batteries can be used as a “stand alone method” in which they can be only charged by grid electricity or they can use a “Combined Solar PV and grid method”. Battery Storage Belfast can be used for residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings.


Combined Solar PV and Batteries

When combining Solar PV and Batteries you are generating free electricity by the solar pv panels then storing any extra energy in the batteries. You can reduce your annual energy bills by upto 70% with ths hybrid method .This is a great way to increase independence from the grid further saving money in electricity costs.

Due to the technology’s versatility and falling costs, the use of batteries for renewable energy is expected to increase over the coming years.